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It is difficult to find a person in Russia who has not tried our products at least once.
And now it can be bought in the CIS countries, in Germany and the USA.
Our brand portfolio includes 6 brands, and the product range has more than 50 items.

About the company


Our brands


The oldest trademark of the company, with which the production began.

Now, under this brand, the company produces everyone’s favorite corn curls, ready-made breakfasts, sweet popcorn, a line of products for kids, including corn sticks with a surprise gift.

Traditional technology, strict quality control make our products delicious and safe for kids and adults.


Under this trademark, our company produces salty snacks.
Among them are rings and balls, corn sticks with peanut flavor. Our products are manufactured using extrusion technology, which prevents formation of harmful trans fats, makes the products crispy, light and pleasant to the taste. 

The range of products under this trademark is actively expanding.


Under «Tsarskie» trademark the company produces corn sticks with a gift for girls and with a gift for boys.
Great taste and interesting surprises. We are constantly working to expand the range and improve the quality of gifts.


TM «Maxi» is budget corn sticks in a family package.
Having fully preserved the taste and quality, we try to make the product available to the maximum number of our customers in different parts of the country.

Dear colleagues,

in 2014 our company started producing ingredients for the confectionery and dairy industry.

Our assortment includes puffed rice balls, crispy cereal balls, cereal toppings.


The brand «MaxiVita» presents a line of healthy food products.
Everyone who cares about their health should definitely pay attention to this product line. Now the assortment includes not only 5 types of crusty bread, but also grain puffing — products from whole grains, and loaves with the addition of amaranth, milk thistle, Jerusalem artichoke and dietary fiber.
Products do not contain GMOs.

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